Instead of lifting the weights you can now carry them and build even more explosive power. Plus you will not use all of your muscles when you carry the weights.




Strength and Conditioning

I have been training and training bodybuilders and athletes for over 35 years. That includes playing 4 sports( football for 9 years). boxing for 6 years, competing in full contact karate, and wrestling.

I trained in Golds Gym for 20 years at 4AM and my best lifts were 350lb bench press 5 times, 400 lb squat 12 times, 100 pullups, over press 175 8 times.

But now the training methods have changed. We now move with the weights and incorporate developing our muscles in way builds them up and still increases our speed, power, and flexibility.

Any form of weight can be used

You can train by pushing and rolling tires, lifting a watermelon, carrying a medicine ball, running with weight vest, and pulling a sled with weights behind you.


Training Athletes

I can show you how to train to get maximim results using a minimum of equipment and being able tp get results no matter where you are.