My goal is to help increase health, athletic, and academic abilities for the children of Santa Clarita Valley. Specially I
want to bring the sport of tennis on a national
basis here, and provide the latest techniques,
training equipment, and routines for strength
and conditioning.


We will be working in partnership with Golden Valley High School to provide year round Tennis and Strength and Conditioning training for Children 5 and up. Classes will start in November

For those tennis players this will give them a chance to learn the correct strokes, work on their speed and agility, train year round, and play in our monthly tournaments to get used to competitive match play.

We have some of the best athletes in the world
in Santa Clarita(SCV) Valley. Both Parade
( High School All-American Quarterbacks
(Norton- Longshore)came from our valley and
we will also have a potential Girls All-American
Basketball player this year (Trebilcock).

Golden Valley has 6 brand new courts. They are not lit yet but that will be one of our first goals. We will have our $2,000 Prince ball machine which goes up to 100 miles an hour on the courts and we will use video analysis to improve our students game.

We hope to have the same success in tennis. With 6 High Schools in our Valley we plan on hosting local tournaments where our players can play year round against the best players here on a yearly basis. We will have our own ranking system and with yearly championships. This will enable to players in the Santa Clarita Valley to play year round, and to be able to play in local tournaments without having to travel hundreds of miles and to spend thousands of dollars in expenses for tournaments. To maximize our players success we will also be going to select USTA tournaments to see how we match up against other players in Southern California, and we will also go to college and Pro matches to observe and learn.

We already have two local colleges who have commited to come watch our tennis players at our tournaments for possible college scholarships. This website will soon be sent to colleges across the nation for the pupose also. We will run our own website with pictures, bio's, and streaming video for our students.

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