Cook Healthy Meals For Your Children

At Manhattan's Private Calhoun School Chef Robert Surles cooks healthy meals for his Kids. "Chef Bobo " as he is called, cooks from scratch, keeps the portion sizes small, and provides healthy food instead of the preservative loaded, high sugar junk that most students are asked to consume.

He states that " studies have shown that it may take up to 15 times of tasting something before a child will like it." So rather than give in, Chef Bobo, will keep putting out his healthy food dishes until his students find the particular dishes they like.

He also tries to avoid any food that has corn syrup in it. He feels this is one of main reason that diabetes is running rampant in our children is that corn syrup is so prevelant in all of our foods. One of his examples is ketchup. Ketchup has more sugar in it than ice cream and he will not serve it to his students.

One of his recipes is for Rutabaga fries, which are tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper, and then cooked in a convection oven.

So you parents need to get on the bandwagon. You need to buy healthy foods from the grocery store, like lean meats, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit each week. You need to cook your meals from scratch and avoid the frozen prepared meals in the freezer aisles, which are pumped full of preservatives and sugars. You need to take the time and effort to plan and out and prepare healthy meals each

Give your child the gift of health! All of your effort will be worth it, and they will be able to carry this habit of health with them when they go out on their own .

Coach Ganevsky