Canyon Country Training Classes

You cannot be too fast, too quick, too strong, and jump too high for any sport. And if you are playing against someone who is quicker, bigger, stronger, faster, and can outjump you - then you are in trouble from the start.

You will not develop your body to you main potential just playing your sport. In fact you can often cause serious injuries to your body if you just play your sport ( basketball - tennis- etc) and do train to rebuild your body after these pounding sports have broken it down. If you try and play basketball-tennis year round you WILL soon have major knees problems ( Chelsea Trotter -junior at Standford 10 knee surgeries)

We will be running controlled sprints, cone drills, plyometric jumps, and some weights, and power exercises. These sessions will be to build and rejuvenate your body after a tough sports season.

A child who is physically fit, and is disciplined in their mind and body is also going to succeed in life. They will succeed on the sports field, in the classroom, and they will succeed in life itself. By training their body, they will develop confidence, discipline, and the willingness to work hard for their goals.

My goal is build and strengthen your child’s body. To make them stronger, faster, and more powerful. I want them to succeed and excel in their sport of choice. And by improving their body I will also improve their mind!

If you I can improve you child's speed, power, and athletic performance it can make a difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition. And the time to do it is NOW when they are still young and their bodies are still developing. Plus studies have show that the most successful people in the job market today played one or two sports all through high school and college. Remember our moto:

A Disciplined Body Makes for a Strong Mind

We will be holding training classes in Canyon Country in March for all who are interested.

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